Website Design Ideas

Hamburger Menu Alternatives Hamburger navigation on desktop and mobile is not good for UX metrics because of its low efficiency and discoverability. Fortunately, more apps and sites are trying alternative and more efficient solutions to address this problem. Here are some ideas whose performance and viability is content and context dependent. Use of tabs. Some […]

Understanding Digital B2B Marketing

B2B marketing in 2018 Consumer brands do make headlines in marketing stories and so should B2Bs. For B2B marketing to flourish, marketers might have to take some strategic examples from their B2C peers. The following are some best practices that B2B owners may have to embrace in this second half of 2018: Creation of multimedia […]

What to Look for in an SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool that gives companies an opportunity to have their websites ranking higher in search results. SEO service providers are there to help companies with professional services that will see them beat the competition. An SEO technician will be able to choose keywords professionally thus giving the website […]

When to Use a Website Builder

A website builder is a program that helps develop a website without manual code editing. It is categorized into two types. The first is an online website that runs on the service of a provider and is web based. The second type is an offline website builder you can use on your computer even when […]

10 Free SEO Tools

A website’s organic search needs an effort that’s often being improved for higher ranking. In search engine optimization, a website owner needs to look for a reasonable solution to create improved content on new avenues. All websites, including new ones, should be monitored continuously. Otherwise, mistakes and failures with regards to websites can reach a […]

Business & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 2018 Today, many businesses are trying many ways to connect their products with audiences across many social platforms. Due to intense competition, it’s harder than ever for brands to catch the attention of users. At this pace, those involved in social media and business marketing must be creative. The trends that may […]

Cheap Website Design – Is It worth It

A website is an online representation of a company. It brings several web pages together under a common domain name. The multimedia contents are included on the website in case there is a need for images, audio, video, animations, text and other interactive contents. A cheap website design may not cover all this but all […]

Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing – The Time Conundrum Small business operators constantly face a balancing act between strategic and tactical. Cash flow management, time shortages, exhaustion from working for long hours, and the need for development are sources of pressure. All these things come to them when they may not possess the skills and experience to […]