Google Ads Audit by Digital Trawler

Google Ads can spiral out of control pretty fast, our Google Ads Audit is designed to help you identify where you are burning through your budget, where you are getting conversions and focusing on eliminating waste while increasing those conversions. The end result is less advertising budget and more sales, what every company owner needs. While working with you we can take you through the results in as much detail as possible so you understand what’s going wrong and how you can improve your management of the account or we can do it for you.

“I’ll probably be okay without a Google Ads Audit”

Google Ads Audit is the fastest way to get an overview of the entire account, from keyword match types and search terms to campaign configuration settings. By not getting a Google Ads Audit you will more than likely continue in the same fashion of trying new campaigns and adding to the account without a plan in place, making it more difficult to control spend, attribute conversions and manage performance. By getting a Google Ads Audit you’re stopping, taking stock of what you’ve done and making the most of what you’ve learnt and gained. 

What’s the Cost of Google Ads Audit?

Our Google Ads Audits typically start at €1000 but this depends on the size and spend of your account. Clients typically see a positive ROI within 2 to 3 months, by not getting a Google Ads Audit you run the risk of having to pay google €1000’s of euro extra over the course of a year depending on your current spend.

Google Ads Audit Guarantee

We can honestly say that our guarantee is either a reduction in spend or else an increase in conversions. There is always something that can be tweaked to improve performance, we’re confident of it and if we can’t do that for you we will give you your money back