SEO Audits by Digital Trawler

There is a reason you’ve landed on this page, it’s because your site isn’t ranked where you need it to be in order to reach your traffic and conversion goals. You’ve probably changed some items that will make a difference but you aren’t getting anywhere, time, money and knowledge are all pitted against you.

Test Your Website's SEO Score

Our SEO Audits at Digital Trawler are designed to set you up for success by identifying the quick wins that will actually move the dial. Some fixes you will be able to implement yourself, others may require custom development but we’ll tailor our recommendations to your business needs and create a short and long term strategy to ensure realistic change to not only your rankings but your business.

“I’ll probably be okay without an SEO Audit 

We see this day in, day out. SEO Audits are a tough investment, why? Because it’s the first step to getting to where you want to be whether that’s an increase in organic traffic or conversions or ranking for a specific high value keyword. Like any sports team dominating the top of the table, the same goes for businesses. You need a game plan and that’s exactly what and SEO Audit gets you, a list of actions we can implement together to get you to where you want need to be.

  • You need to assess your own performance
  • You need to assess the assets you can leverage
  • You need to assess the industry and your competitors 

You need an SEO Audit, its your game plan.

What’s the Cost of An SEO Audit?

Our Audits start at €800 but the true cost of an SEO Audit is only when you haven’t invested in one. Continuing the same path you are currently on and trying to find time to implement changes you aren’t sure of is going to waste your time and money. The bottomless pit of money will continue to spiral out of control with no end point in sight while the campaigns start and stop due to capacity shortfall

SEO Audit Guarantee

We know our SEO Audits work and we’re willing to stand over them with a guarantee that on implementation of the recommendations you will increase your rankings or your money back