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Leads On Tap Vlog – Andrew Wilkinson Discusses UX Design For E-commerce & Page Speed

MD of Digital Trawler and Plastic Hallway, Ronan Walsh and Andrew Wilkinson discuss e-commerce UX with a particular focus on page speed. With Google Core Vitals algorithm update on the way out in May 2021 and much confusion in the industry about page speed being the...

The Inbound Flywheel Is Not A Marketing Tool

Hubspot for the past year or so have been raving about the new “Flywheel” which I have to admit is something a lot of marketers forget about. Our goal and how we’re measured as marketers is often based on new sign ups, new registrations and creating new business so we...

Voice Search & SaaS Companies: Backed By Research & Studies

I’ve never really been an advocate of Voice Search, yes I can see it as a useful way to reach your audience but over the past two years the adoption and frequency of use is low. I’ve seen people shout across social media about how important it is to optimise for voice...

Where To Start With An MVP (How To Proof Of Concept)

Something that has been going through my mind recently is the different uses digital marketing has. One thing you might not be aware of is that you can use digital marketing for proof of concept, even before you’ve written a single line of code or bought your first...

What Lead Gen Tactics Work The Fastest

Generating leads is a slog when you are starting off. Hubspots, "Top Marketing Challenges" highlights that when it comes to marketing generating leads is by far the most frustrating issue. This information doesn't tell us to much about our problem and how to fix it,...

Website Design | Do Your Website Users Like Burger Menu’s?

Google have said numerous times to keep your site structure simple (9) and not to stray too far from the norm. In the SaaS Industry we like to push the boundary and CEO’s and founders often have the most creative ways to engage with their users but in my experience...

Whats Different About Marketing A SaaS Company

Marketing and SaaS are two very tricky subjects to get your head around and when they come together become even more complex. Today I’m going to talk you through some of the common differences we see that makes SaaS Marketing more complex than launching an average...

Review: Site Kit – Does It Do What It Says On The Tin (4 min read)

Site Kit By Google Summary   Initially, from the description I thought Site Kit by Google would give me great insight into my data and really help me make informed decisions. I had taken that stance from their plugin description “Site Kit is the one-stop solution...

The Google BERT Update – What Can You Do As A Webmaster

BERT, Google’s most recent algorithm update. Released on 22nd of October and according to Google has affected 10% of all results. To put that into context its changed the results for 22 million(1) searches every hour. Moz,...

Choose Your Developer Wisely

Sometimes our engagement may last 2, 3 or even more years and during this time there will almost certainly be a website redesign. Generally we are able to guide a company through the migration process and help the developers optimise the site from an SEO perspective....

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