Google Ads Set Up by Digital Trawler

Seting up your Google Ads Account can be a time consuming and very costly process if done wrong. However if done right and you’ve a small straight forward campaign in some cases your Google Ads can nearly run on auto pilot once you are keeping an eye on the right figures. This reduces the need for monthly maintenance and ensures you are getting the best return. We’ve also an extra trick up our sleeve where coupled with automated reporting you’ll be in full control of your Google Ads without the need for monthly maintenance. 

“I’ll probably be okay without Google Ads Set Up”

Google Ads has a low entry level but a very high expert level, meaning you’ll have no problem getting a campaign set up but will it be competitive and not wasting budget. We’re Google Partners, certified experts and know what it takes to rank against your competition. On top of this we also optimise your campaign so its delivering the best experience for your users, reducing the cost per click and gaining those leads you need. You will be able to get Google Ads started by yourself but to optimise it and give your company the best opportunity you need to employ experts.

What’s the Cost of Google Ads Setup?

Google Ads Set Up varies significantly based on the type of set up required such as industry, budget, CPC competition and account type. Typically they start at €800 which is a significant saving when you take into account the potential loss you could potentially loose by attempting to do this yourself or getting someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Google Ads Setup Guarantee

You adverts will target the correct keywords, in the correct location or else we will give you your money back. IF you are looking for guaranteed leads then you may want to consider our Google Ads Management packages.