SEO Migrations by Digital Trawler

Getting a new site is stressful enough without having to worry about whether the traffic will remain the same when your new site goes live. A lot of website owners take this for granted but it’s unfortunately not the responsibility of the web developer or graphic designer to maintain your traffic. It’s your responsibility to ensure that when that new site goes live the traffic and sales continue. Realistically there are even going to be a few who expect you to even increase sales. That’s where an SEO Migration comes into play.

We identify how you are currently attracting traffic to your site, we identify new opportunities that are available during a site build to boost traffic and if you are removing parts of your site we will be able to predict what your new stream of traffic will look like. Essentially we become your crystal ball that allows you to look into what your future traffic will look like after your site has gone live.

“I’ll probably be okay without SEO Migration”

Even the slightest changes can have detrimental effects on your ranking. Just as a brief example, if a web developer decides to start with a fresh database it’s very easy for URL’s and content to change or blog posts get left behind. Some blog posts can be the main driver of traffic to a website while changing URL’s will to Google, look like you’ve started from scratch again. Tabbed content might not be readable to Google and coding buttons in the wrong language can cause Google to miss pages on your site. Your developer and designer might be doing their best, but it’s only to the extent of their knowledge. The slightest slip up here can have a long lasting affect on traffic and sales for your website

What’s the Cost of An SEO Migration?

Typically SEO Migrations start at €1200 but the cost of not employing someone to look after your website migration from an SEO perspective could cost you multiple times that cost over and over in lost revenue. 

SEO Migration Guarantee

We’ve successfully migrated multiple sites in the past and been able to predict what traffic you are likely to get on your new site giving you reassurance someone is looking after and maintain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our Guarantee is that we will be able to predict whether your traffic will increase, remain the same or decrease based on the changes. Should our prediction not be right we’ll give you your money back.