SEO Assistance by Digital Trawler

After you’ve climbed the rankings and smashing your revenue targets, your next port of call is to protect and maintain that ranking and keep your revenue flowing. There are always minor tweaks that can be made to improve your position, there is always competition right behind you ready to take your spot on Google and there are always algorithm updates that can wipe you off page one.

Your position on Google is never in your full control but you can minimise the risk by constantly keeping an eye on your ranking positions for your top keywords, seeing if you can improve and fight off competition or if you loose a position or two what you can do to regain it.  

“I’ll probably be okay without SEO Assistance”

So you might be okay for 3 months, you might even be okay for 6 months but then you notice sales start to slow down and you pin it back to a drop in traffic. This happens all the time, your competition are getting audits, SEO content plans and assistant plans as well. By the time we’ve come in and we’re on top of your account again you could be at the bottom of page two with a third of the organic traffic you once had. Sure we’ll be able to get you back up to a high position but it will take time and the lost revenue in that down time is what you really risk.

What’s the Cost of SEO Assistance?

SEO assistance starts at €400 per month once a site is fully optimised. Its coupled with other plans such as the SEO content plan and SEO PR & Link Building to ensure maximised affect but the real cost is the lost revenue between the moment you drop in rankings to the moment you regain that position

SEO Content Plan Guarantee

We can’t guarantee a fixed position in Google but we can guarantee that you will be notified should your site start to drop, why that drop has occurred and what we can do to regain your position. We’ll be proactive in ensuring you maintain your rankings and are adhere to best practice to ensure your site ranks.