Web Design by Digital Trawler

Macy’s in New York wouldn’t have the same success if it was built on the top of everest. The key to its success was visibility on the main streets of Manhattan. The same principle applies to your website. You need traffic and to do that you have to find a balance between the investment you put into building your website and the remaining budget for marketing campaigns.

If you need a brochure site then we aren’t the agency for you, we develop sites that are designed to generate leads and online sales. We will help you identify the basic requirements you need to generate those leads. While we can add on all the bells and whistles if needed we’ll highlight the return you’ll likely get from your investment

“I’ll focus on the website first and then think about marketing”

Taking this approach will make you feel great, you’ll be getting tasks completed and the marketing material will be flying between you and your designer. Your new website will go live and there will be a great feeling of relief as your time frees up again. Three months later you’ll realise that the site you’ve paid for isn’t actually creating a return for you, there are bits that need to be updated because your strategy has changed and you’re in a cycle of constant tweaks and changes that will keep draining your budget.

Returns on Investment

Our sites are built so that updates are quick and easy and don’t require web development knowledge to make changes. We want you to invest in getting traffic to your site and generating those leads. A website is the start of your journey and so the costs should be kept to a minimum so you can invest in marketing.

What is the cost of a Website?

Our websites can be as little €800 but this depends on the work required. Our aim is to keep costs as low as possible. We want to develop an ongoing relationship where we can help you grow your business by generating leads. A website is only the first of many stepping stones to generating leads online. (there are also grants available to help cover the costs of website development)

Web Design Guarantee

We can guarantee that your website will have the ability to generate leads. Will function in a way that you expect. Will reflect your companies brand and deliver your message to clients or else we will give you your money back. Tracking, on page optimisation (and migration if necessary) are included if required.