Google Data Studio Reports by Digital Trawler

Making decisions based on data from last week or the previous month, it’s not acceptable anymore! you need your information at your fingertips to make an informed decision on the spot. Your business needs to be data driven at the core but extracting that data from your business in order to make those informed decision can be difficult and reliant on manual updates. Data Studio allows you to connect to multiple tools, not just your marketing suite to get an overview, real time digest of what’s happening in your business.

“I’ll probably be okay without Data Studio”

Data Studio is a game changer, realistically you’re never going to know exactly what’s happening on your site, or your finance, or your customer service team right off the tip of your tongue, not in real time. Data studio gives you the opportunity to have all of these figures to hand, for every meeting, presentation . . . every decision you make. You switch from assumptions to a data driven decisions.

What’s the Cost of Data Studio Report?

Data Studio ranges in complexity but simple ones for Google related tools can cost as little as €400 for set up and to be automated. The cost of not having a report, well that could be a missed opportunity to get ahead of competition or even worse not be aware of an issue until it’s tool late

Data Studio Report Guarantee

Our Guarantee is a fully functional report thats automated and reporting to you on your business or marketing goals, enabling you to make those important decisions to hit your sales and business goals