Best Beginner Resources For SEO

For beginners it’s worth checking out the most popular guide written by some of the industry experts. They can be a bit generic but will give you a good understanding of the different disciplines and show you how to increase your sites rankings in a safe and natural way thats within google’s guidelines Moz This […]

Content Marketing Tools Every SaaS Has To Use

As a SaaS you can’t survive without content marketing in our opinion. It should be the driving force behind your business generating leads for you on a daily basis. Today we’ve outlined tools you can use to run an entire content marketing campaign, most of which are free or at least provide a freemium version. […]

Are You Looking At the Right Data?

Data is undoubtedly the new oil, but much like oil it can be dirty, needing to be cleaned and refined before its any good. Your data fuels your business and the cleaner it is the more power it gives the marketing team to make the most efficient decisions. Below are just some of the points […]

Ask The Audience

Have you ever felt your website doesn’t resonate with your users or that you blogs aren’t on point. It’s a very lonely feeling that makes you question what you’re doing. At the end of the day I think there are very few people who are in business for money alone, a lot of people want […]

Targeting Too High On The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is one of the first things you learn about when you start studying marketing. Without understanding the marketing funnel it means you will be trying to get people to buy before they even know who you are. Targeting the wrong level of the funnel means you don’t just lose out on customers […]

Google Beholds The Answer

We often find clients set up Google Ads Account without doing proper research on what keywords their audience are using. Here’s a top tip to help you identify those keywords that will drive revenue for you. Google can help you understand your user, their intent and how you can leverage that. Google Tries to Guess […]

Blogging Is a Load of Baloney

I find blogging is a hated subject when it comes to b2b companies. Often there is no strategy, companies can be mislead by professionals or misinformed by online articles, they lack sufficient time and most importantly they see no return. If I was in the same boat I’d abandon ship as well. Often I have […]