Small Business Marketing – The Time Conundrum

Small business operators constantly face a balancing act between strategic and tactical. Cash flow management, time shortages, exhaustion from working for long hours, and the need for development are sources of pressure. All these things come to them when they may not possess the skills and experience to handle them.

Strategic planning is just as important for small businesses as it is for big ones. However, the workload and the pressures that small business owners face make it difficult for them to find time to do it. In short, they do not make well-thought and informed decisions since it’s hard to do proper analyses.

Unfortunately, non-strategic decisions take a daily toll on the small business and bring chaos. The owners make too many decisions in a single day without strategic thinking. In case the choices are sub-optimal or wrong, the business is wasting crucial time and money. In most cases, owners know the cost of poor decisions long after.

Some choices could put a small business into financial and legal risks. Others may cost hard-earned customers. The problem is that the consequences of non-strategic planning are stealthy in nature. For instance, small business owners may be gradually losing their competitive advantage to strategic thinking competitors.


Marketing Ideas & Mix

To attract customers, small business owners must do marketing. However, businesses that run on shoestrings cannot spend on mass mailings, radios, and billboards. They have to find inexpensive but effective marketing methods. For those who are strategic about what they spend, a small budget can work well.

There are a number of marketing ideas that small business owners can embrace to get customers. However, they should not focus on one marketing activity only. Businesses require both online and offline presence, paid advertising and free publicity, to be successful. A marketing mix targets the audience more effectively.

The following are some marketing mix tips that small business owners should take seriously:

  1. Use of social media. This platform targets a very big audience and, therefore, has great customer potential. Paying for advertisement on social media could be expensive. The best option is to look for free social media marketing. Especially, sites that allow for reviews are very important.
  2. Open a website. Every business should have a website that has detailed, specific, and relevant information.
  3. Partnerships. Teaming up with local businesses could help promote a small business.
  4. Placing sidewalk signs. This is especially applicable to businesses that are located on main streets with sidewalks.


What A Digital Marketing Agency Can Do for a Small Business

Small business owners have to spend long hours at work for their enterprises to be successful. Their workload may not give them time to make an online presence. Worse still, they may not have the necessary skills and experience to shine on the platform. Fortunately, engaging a digital marketing agency could solve this problem.

In the digital realm, building a strong business is more than just having great products and services. A website is the first opportunity for small business owners to wow their customers. Marketing agencies could make the site more enticing, engaging, and educative. This is where businesses score in the digital world.

Digital marketing agencies can substantially expand leads for small businesses. Agencies have the skills necessary to not only generate traffic to websites but also to convert it to leads. They employ a wide spectrum of services such as SEO, web marketing, SMO, among others to accomplish this. The result could be greater returns.

Hiring a marketing agency is a solid investment that is better than engaging a dedicated team that manages marketing and promotions. The team creates an effective strategy for digital marketing that manages various platforms and solutions with a well-cut plan. This promotes brands and increases a business’ visibility.


Whether a business is small or big, strategic planning is a must for success. The pressure from long working hours and a great workload that small business owners face makes it hard for them to plan properly. They do not have enough time to do so. Consequently, many of them make many bad choices that affect their businesses negatively.

Another challenge that small business owners face is limited capital to do marketing. They might not be able to spend on things like billboards and television advertising. Fortunately, there are a number of ideas they can embrace to make their businesses visible. They could use a mix of social media, business partnerships, and websites to accomplish this.

One more serious problem that small business owners have is that they may not make a heavy presence in the digital realm due to time and skill limitations. To solve this, they could hire digital marketing agencies. Of course, it is an added expense but agencies do help in promoting business brands and improving visibility dramatically.