You’ve spent 6 months developing an mvp (minimum viable product), you’re ready to hit the market but then it dawns on you that there isn’t one readily available. You know there is a need for your SaaS but the people that need it either don’t know they have a problem or else they aren’t aware there are solutions. I’ll be frank here – this is not a good place to be but here is the best way out of that situation


For a lot of SaaS I’ve worked with, to supercharge their growth we’ve piggybacked on complementary services, apps, channels, wherever our audience was we needed to be there as well. 

If there’s a service you know your potential customers use, then anytime someone searches or uses their product or service you need to try everything to get in front of that person. There’s plenty of ways to do this but I’d recommend going for long term strategies such as search and building groups. Why, because if you pay for someone who doesn’t have an immediate need for your service your conversion rates will be low and the cost per lead will go through the roof. 

Start blogging about the complimentary service, get featured on podcasts and other blogs on that subject. Start social groups to help people out with issues, before you know it you’ll have an audience built up of people who need your service but aren’t aware a solution exists and they’re all yours. 

Keep in mind both of these tactics take a lot of time and dedication but are 100% worth the pay off particularly if you’ve identified a closely related service you can piggyback on.