Have you ever been at a party and some yobbo talks about how great their life is or how their career is going so great. It’s pretty cringy to watch and repels people to the point that they’ll avoid parties they know those yobbo’s are going to. Not understanding your users intent is very similar and people won’t want to visit your site or even worse google won’t even want to rank it.

Let me explain in more depth what I’m talking about.

Marketing is about empathy, it’s about understanding your customers problems and helping them overcome the issues they are facing. If you are talking about what you want to talk about, you’re sounding like a yobbo and driving people away. You have to work out what they want to talk about.

We see it time and time again, companies think they’re talking about what their audience wants to hear when really they’re just talking about themselves. We’ve Helped Company X, We Are Experts In, We Are The Best Because, it’s all self praising and nobody bar your mom wants to hear it. People want to talk about themselves, their problems, how you can help them improve.

While reading this post you might have identified as a yobbo yourself? maybe you think you’ve dodged the bullet and avoided embarrassment by not shouting about your company at all? If you feel uncomfortable pushing your content, thats a telltale sign you aren’t pushing the right content. Deep down you know it’s more sale jargon with only the goal to drive more customers and sign ups.

You have to help your users solve their issue, they’ve no interest in listening to what you’ve to offer or what you’ve done.

My top tip to overcoming this would be get out and ask your clients what they’re problem is and use that info in your blogs, social media and marketing. Speak their language not yours.

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