Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool that gives companies an opportunity to have their websites ranking higher in search results. SEO service providers are there to help companies with professional services that will see them beat the competition. An SEO technician will be able to choose keywords professionally thus giving the website a boost in search results.

Companies also need to learn the qualities to look for when sourcing for these services. There are a number of SEO Ireland companies out there to offer the services and to get to the best service provider, a through ground check is required.

What Defines an SEO Service?

An SEO service is one that will help in making a site accessible to search engines. The service is broad and the best SEO companies utilize the most effective SEO tools to meet the client’s needs while keeping to the platform’s specifications. The service providers come up with an SEO package to suit a client’s needs while sticking to a specified budget.

An SEO website may be charged either on a one-time fee or a monthly subscription depending on its size, inputs and any servicing required. An SEO Ireland company that stands out in delivering quality services is one that is:

  • Open to its clients- Clients need a company that says the exact service to be delivered. The SEO Package to be provided and SEO tools utilized are well defined before a service contract is issued.
  • Not exaggerated- Un-professional SEO companies are known to overpromise on service delivery to win clients. Having an SEO Website rank at the top in a search engine is not easy, cheap or fast.
  • In frequent contact with the client- SEO service is not a one time service, professional SEO companies will reach out to its clients frequently to understand their goals, achievements as well as challenges.
  • Open to share good and bad results- SEO is not always working as per the clients’ expectations overnight. A company that will be open on the weak areas on the SEO Website is genuine to work with.
  • Improving the search rankings-Though it’s impractical to expect instant high rankings after outsourcing SEO service, there should be a notable change with time. If a website deteriorates or stagnates after a duration of time, seeking a second opinion is advisable.



The History of SEO

SEO has been in existence for a long time with its services changing as time goes. There are SEO professionals coming up every day to improve the way it works on search results. Though its origin can be traced back to early 1990s, it’s been new every day with SEO Package changing for the better.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the search engines known to work for SEO but have been made better with time. With the way technology is changing and new professionals coming up, there are expected changes in SEO to improve the services, help companies rank higher and attract traffic to websites.

How to Avoid Bad SEO

Just as there is good SEO, bad SEO is there and can be distinguished by the side effects it has on websites. SEO Ireland is not any different from one in other areas as there are challenges too. To avoid Bad SEO, companies are advised to keep off from some practices which include:

  • Having the wrong content on a site – Search Engines are choosy when it comes to site contents. Posting low-quality content regularly is just a waste of time.  
  • Focusing on ranks rather than organic traffic- An SEO professional focuses on having quality content that will pull traffic to a website. It does not mean that placing keywords on content will translate to quality traffic,
  • Ignoring image optimization-   High quality and unique images on a site drives organic traffic. The images should be relevant to the site and the content if the website is to rank high in search results.
  • Having too many backlinks- Using too many backlinks on a website sends a wrong message to search engines. Backlinks are still functional in SEO but should not be over-used.
  • Assuming on-page SEO problems- It’s only an unprofessional SEO service provider that will ignore on-page problems. It’s advisable to hire a professional SEO company to fix problems as they arise.
  • Use of keywords to create different pages-   Keywords are essential when it comes to SEO but should be used wisely. It does not make sense to create different contents to rank high on every version of related keywords. This is a technique that used to work ages ago but its now outdated.

White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat

There are various SEO tools and techniques which are used to improve the rankings of websites on search engines. This is what distinguishes White hat SEO from Black hat SEO.

SEO professionals use black hat SEO when a quick return on a website is a priority to a long-term return. The techniques used breaks search engine rules and focus on higher rankings which are risky affairs as they can lead to penalization and/or website banning.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, focuses on the human audience rather than gaining higher ranks. This is the best kind of SEO as it obeys all SEO rules. The SEO technicians work on content research, keyword/keyword analysis, as well as meta tags rewrites when necessary. The white hat SEO focuses on long-term results rather than just high ranks.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy that works to improve companies’ online visibility. With the world embracing technology, SEO will only get better as many people rely on online platforms to search for information.

Hiring an SEO company to work on a website is beneficial as quality traffic will be targeted and the company’s PR will be improved. A visit to is the first step to getting the best SEO services available.