Where you are has a big impact on digital marketing. This new geomarketing phenomenon is forcing brands to market to the people around them. Not only is it more effective, this is something Google demands.

AT&T once created coupons and discounts based on a specific location. Some of their offers saw a 25% conversion rate. It’s just one of the many examples of why local marketing works and why you need to be doing it.

So how does location affect digital marketing?

Shipping Rates Physical Products (Increase Territory and Increase Shipping)

Anyone shipping physical products needs to be aware of their shipping prices. Shipping a product in the domestic US is a very different thing to shipping a product all the way to South Korea, and your prices need to reflect that.

This is why locality is so important. Your platform needs to be tailored to different areas of the world. It has to react based on the territory someone is ordering a product from. The prices have to be correct or this could lead to some embarrassing problems.

40 Miles for a Destination – People Won’t Travel Further

Why 40 miles?

This is something that has been studied when it comes to local SEO. When someone is searching for a business they want to visit in person, studies have shown that most people won’t travel more than 40 miles.

And that’s something your business has to be aware of within its geomarketing efforts. Your business shouldn’t be appearing in local search results if it’s more than 40 miles away from the person searching for it, otherwise, it’s wasted marketing.

Remember it’s not all about traffic numbers it’s about the quality of that traffic.

Targeting People on Vacation in a Location

Targeting people who are on vacation is great because people are in a good mood and they’re more likely to make a purchase. It also allows you to target people you normally wouldn’t be able to target because they’re not normally within your local marketing range.

Tools like the Facebook Advanced Location Targeting tool allows you to target people based on location. You can also target people based on their status updates, so if someone has been talking about their vacation to New York you can target them based on that.

It requires some trial and error, but it does work.

Google Maps – Google My Business

Google My Business is a relatively new platform from Google aimed at businesses that want to get noticed on a local level. Sign up your business and fill in all the information you can.

Opening hours are especially important for Google My Business because Google will also use the times a business is open when deciding which results to display. This also applies if you happen to be an online business.

You should also place an accurate pin on Google Maps. Even online businesses are expected to have this. It determines exactly who is shown based on the location of the searcher.

Have you taken into account location within your digital marketing strategy?