We often find clients set up Google Ads Account without doing proper research on what keywords their audience are using. Here’s a top tip to help you identify those keywords that will drive revenue for you.

Google can help you understand your user, their intent and how you can leverage that.

Google Tries to Guess What Your User Wants

Before launching a campaign make sure you understand your users intent. Users might want to purchase something, look for a professional or try to answer a question they are unsure of . People might not realise it but as you start asking google questions, google starts to ask you questions back without you even realising.

I just typed “farming” into google as an example

  • Returned is a news article
  • Farming Media
  • Wikipedia – Farming
  • Farming Video’s
  • Buy & Sell Farming Adverts
  • Local Agri Stores

Google at this point doesn’t have a clue what I want and is suggesting different topics to choose because I’ve been very broad. Once I begin to choose different topics google will begin to narrow my search for me.

If google doesn’t know what its users want then you can be sure there’s no point in you ranking for this keyword. You need to make your keyword more niche and related to what you are providing

Google Points out What They Are Looking For

The best thing about google results page is that it tells you when someone is physically searching for your service.

If I’m running an e-commerce store and I want to rank for “omega 3 capsules” I’d quickly check the results to see what google had returned.

Word of warning, you have to see past the google ads as these aren’t a true reflection of what are looking for. Others might be advertising there and google will have no problem showing them for keywords that won’t turn into conversions.

If you look at the first organic result its actually an information site suggesting that more people are looking for information on omega 3 capsules rather than buying.

This hack has saved loads of our customers probably 10’s of thousands over the years

We Have a Bingo

I’ve just typed in “pest control” and to no surprise 9 out of 10 of the organic results are local services for pest control.

This is what we are looking for, google is telling us that the probability of a user wanting pest control service is very high. That’s where your customers are you need to be sure to be there as well.

Likewise when I type in Omega 3 for Sale all the results are for nutrition stores selling omega 3.

These insights can give us a preview of what to expect when bidding on a certain keyword and rather than guessing whats going to happen we can start to determine the motivation behind a users searching habits