A website is an online representation of a company. It brings several web pages together under a common domain name. The multimedia contents are included on the website in case there is a need for images, audio, video, animations, text and other interactive contents. A cheap website design may not cover all this but all is not lost as a professional web designer can come up with a website within users financial capabilities.

In website design, clients get what they pay for as there are various packages with different capabilities. Best website design professional will spend time with a client to understand their needs and what they need to achieve. The designer should be available for rectifications in case the needs are not met.

What Qualifies as a Cheap Website Design

Cheap Website Design does not always mean that the website should be substandard or almost useless. There is an affordable website design that meets the standards of a quality website and serves the purpose. Apart from costing less, an affordable website design is easy to make, use modern techniques and can be updated with ease.

A Cheap Website Design from a professional web design company is one that meets the standard of a clean design. The web pages are clean, crisp and have a professional look. This enables the user to navigate easily on the website. The contents are made in a simple but effective way that will capture the user’s attention.

A website that is not attractive to a visitor, one that is not effective and cannot be found on search engines, can be termed as cheap and with no professional touch. The best website design company will give an affordable website design and not a cheap design.

How to Identify the Best Website Design

The best website design is one that is attractive, visible and solid. These are the standards that should be met whether one wants to design a website that is new or restructure an existing one. A good website should meet the following qualities:

Have a solid domain name- The choice of a good and competitive domain name give a company an upper hand on search engines. A “.com” version is always the best and use of hyphens or “.net” versions should be avoided.

Easy to identify- Design a website that is easily identified by the internet suffers. Visitors are known to be attracted to websites that have brief and concise texts. Research shows that sites with obscure logos/titles, cluttered ads/banners are avoided by most internet users.

Easy to navigate- A website should be easy to navigate as visitors will drift away from a website design that takes time to locate services/products pages. Navigation acts as the site’s GPS to locate content. The pages should be well constructed with links and callouts well utilized.

Have quality content- Visitors stays on a page if there are quality and useful content in it. Ecommerce website design and other competitive designs use contents that are interesting, fresh, accurate and well-communicated. Un-edited contents with spelling and grammar mistakes will drive visitors away.

Be secure- A Cheap Website Design may not be in a position to acquire a high level of security measures.  Design a website that observes a high level of security for both the user and the owner. A website that does not secure the users’ information and avails their identity to any website user is risky.

Why Ecommerce Website Design Is Never Cheap

An ecommerce website design is a marketing tool that is customized to meet special requirements. Designing these websites is not cheap as they should meet the SEO website design standards and attract traffic that would impact sales positively. To have an effective ecommerce website design, the developer works on its appearance, interaction, and response capabilities.

Some of the features that make this design expensive include:

  • The website design is made to support mobile shoppers with checking in, filling the cart, paying and checking out possibilities.
  • The checkout process is designed to support building trust, good functionality, and usability.
  • Guest sign-ups are made easier as shoppers prefer to make their purchases quickly without having to register accounts.
  • There should be the availability of high-quality photographs showing the goods and/or services provided. In some cases, having video clips is an added advantage.
  • There should be detailed product descriptions to introduce the product/services to consumers. This also reduces the number of returns due to dissatisfactions.
  • The design is made customer friendly with navigation to all web pages made possible and simple.
  • An SEO website design is well represented if the website is to rank high on SEO platforms.

If You Want Cheap Website Design, Do Your Own Grafting

Cheap Website Design may not be the best option when a website is to be used as the main marketing tool. However, when having problems funding the project, designing own website is better than having none. Those willing to go through own website design process should consider the following steps:

  • Choose a platform to build the website on.
  • Learn SEO website design techniques or get someone to assist.
  • Make the website look attractive and professional
  • Get a domain name and a web hosting company


A cheap website design can cost more when it comes to upgrading it to be functional as per the owner’s specifications. It’s not always about getting cheap website designers work on a website but one should look at the implication the website has on their business. The best website design has visible contact information to enable users to locate the goods/services provider.

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