I find blogging is a hated subject when it comes to b2b companies. Often there is no strategy, companies can be mislead by professionals or misinformed by online articles, they lack sufficient time and most importantly they see no return. If I was in the same boat I’d abandon ship as well. Often I have to convince senior level management that content is still the right path to choose. It can be tough to describe a similar strategy to the one that just failed with minor changes to a board of directors.

At this point I’m generally met by blank faces, eyes rolling and sighs. Here’s the thing though, its works and how I convince them is through pre existing data from current clients.

Client A

We helped with content marketing where they created the content. We created the strategy and helped them pick keywords that they would rank for and then completed some outreach (or mini PR Campaigns as we like to call them).

Their organic traffic increased by 30% in 3 months and their leads grew by 150%+ in the same period

Client B

This was a prime example of a situation where the company were lead by an agency that didn’t have the ability to deliver on the expected results. After delivering some early results through an SEO campaign it wasn’t long before I had earned their trust and they wanted additional support. At this point we started doing what I call “Real SEO”. Here we start to see large volumes of traffic start coming to the site and leads shoot through the roof all from content marketing .

Organic traffic increased by 54% and leads increased by 110%

So what is different about our content marketing strategy that makes them work better than other Digital Marketing Agencies? We focus on content from an SEO perspective, not a brand or social aspect. We do our due diligence and ensure the website will be able to rank for the chosen keywords. We develop a strategy for each blog and then we start to market it, building quality links back to the content using a range of different techniques we’ve learnt over the years.

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