Have you ever felt your website doesn’t resonate with your users or that you blogs aren’t on point. It’s a very lonely feeling that makes you question what you’re doing. At the end of the day I think there are very few people who are in business for money alone, a lot of people want to help others and when a company is doing good marketing they should be able to solve their customers problems.

We recently looked into bidding for tenders, the nightmare that it is. We were a little unsure, inbound marketing is our strong point so this was completely new. We decided we needed help so we googled “tender experts” and google gave us a list of people we needed to talk to. None stood out as any different on their web pages so I choose three to enquire about pricing. Two got back to me with one that stood out for the right reasons.

This one consultant took the time to talk me through the process, what’s worked for them in the past and what they look for in a client. I asked a number of questions all of which they politely obliged to answer and by the end of the phone call I knew I wasn’t ready for tendering but I also knew the next steps I had to take on that journey.

While they might not have gotten a sale, what they now have is avid fan of their work and they’ve built trust. The next time I need help tendering they will be our first port of call. I more than likely won’t call anyone else and the price they ask unless it extortionate I’ll pay

The point of that story is, they listened, understood my problem and answered it for me. If there was a good fit we would have both benefited from an engagement. Without getting out there and asking your audience what their problems are you’ll never know what to write  that will resonate with your audience and help them.

If you can help them even the slightest before they make contact you’re in a very good position and worst case scenario they qualify themselves as not ready for your service saving you time.

I can’t ask all my customers, there are too many!