A website’s organic search needs an effort that’s often being improved for higher ranking. In search engine optimization, a website owner needs to look for a reasonable solution to create improved content on new avenues.

All websites, including new ones, should be monitored continuously. Otherwise, mistakes and failures with regards to websites can reach a point beyond control. Here are ten tools you can use to improve your websites:


Moz is one of the best SEO tools to use for online marketing of your site. As a user friendly business marketing tool, Moz should be a priority. With the tool, many website owners find it easy to monitor their businesses at a glance. It’s usually located on the right side of the toolbar, making it possible to view every activity taking place.

Therefore, while on the website being visited, an instant report is generated when you click on the Mozbar. When clients get access to this tool, most get excited because it is easy to use. It also adds information to every website visited, atop being easy to understand and use.

Google Analytics

If you want people to visit your website, consider using Google Analytics. It is a tool that displays an insight of keywords related to those on your web pages whenever users visit other pages. When a user types a keyword, yours also surfaces among other alternatives on search engines.

Therefore, this tool is important because not only does is track traffic to you website, but it also channels your keywords on other pages on the search engines. It provides detailed and high quality information.

Keyword Tool.io

This SEO tool is amazing because with only a keyword, more than seven hundred ideas of keywords can be generated. Thus, if users make searches based long-tail keywords, your website stands a chance of getting clicks or visits. This explains the need for high quality, relevant content on your site.

The keywords generated are usually displayed alphabetically. Therefore, it makes search engines easier to use and access to information even faster.

Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) and Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

How your website works on the Bing is usually with the help of BWT. The tool ensures tabs on your website are functioning well. The internet search traffic houses twenty percent of the searches. BWT and GWT provide on-page keyword optimization, indexation and insights on crawling significance even beyond Bing and Google to affect your site positively.

Keyword Planner

Services and products have words that relate to them. Look for phrases and words related to your site niche as a head start. The keyword planner tool searches for related keywords to select the most suitable keyword for your business.  

Categorize keywords and assign them a budget based on your priorities. Today, the keyword planner is the premier tool for finding keywords because it took over the keyword tool. Despite functioning on keyword research, it also focuses more on Ad words generation.


If you want to track your keywords, an ignition window brings all familiar auto fills while looking for information using Google.com. Anytime a user searches for a word on Google, the ignition makes a copy of the searches. It helps users get data faster on top search pages, devices or queries for over ninety days.

Google Trends

It is easy to win when you are able to foretell your competitors’ next moves and that is how marketers defeat their opponents. This where Google trends saves marketers because in terms of search volumes, it usually display changes to entities, search terms and different topics.


Copyscape is a tool designed to help you check duplicated or plagiarized content. The tool shows plagiarized content online, where it was originally published. Some of the results obtained can help improve your website’s SEO.

Simply copy paste a URL or the content you want checked for plagiarism. It’s then run on the web to check if it already exists on the internet.

SEO Site Analysis Tool

SEO analysis tool helps your website with auditing and scores. Websites do have errors. The tool analyzes websites to generate errors and tags users can easily see when they visit your site. The SEO checkup tool fast audits your site, indicating areas that need improvement.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Information on your web pages has a suitable context because of its structured data. You can copy and paste its code or use live data for the validation of your site’s structured data using this testing tool.