How Resilient Is Your Pipeline?

COVID 19 has had an unprecedented impact on businesses and to see your business and your staff through this pandemic you need more sales. Like most business owners making the sale isn’t too hard, you’ve a good product and service and you you’re confident in your offering. However, getting those quality leads that allow you to make the sale, Now that’s more difficult!

Whats Needed

You need a scalable system that relies on data and facts to continuously churn out good leads

To simplify it, you need to find out where your audience are, hit them with a message they can’t ignore and capture every moment of that journey so you can refine and repeat.


Identify what your customers pain points are and where they are online 

Campaign Set Up

Develop campaigns across all your identified mediums and A/B test your set up


Have regular reviews of your A/B tests and data and develop the next experiments.


Review your value proposition to identify key messages for ad copy they can’t ignore.


Configure tracking that can analyse a user from first interaction to payment


Keep what worked, remove what didn’t and improve your pipeline until it’s a machine .

Lets Start Getting You Some Quality Leads


We’re a small boutique digital marketing agency in the west of Ireland managing some big clients internationally. A team of 4 each with our specialty that ensures success. 

We’ve helped start-ups along their journey to a buy out of over $10 million.

We’ve helped the EU spread the word of healthy food and achieved 500,000 session visits to a new site within 10 months.

For many other clients we’ve quadrupled their return from online often outshining previous agencies.  



Have a chat with Ronan who will walk you through what we are likely to achieve for you.
If it works great , if not you’ll at the very minimum have a fresh perspective.

In Less than 6 months Digital Trawler has significantly increased the number of sales we achieve on a monthly basis. 

from Google Ads, Facebook & instagram campaigns to the point where they are now producing a steady stream of quality sales leads. They also put a tracking system in place so that we could really see the whole lead generation process

Aidan Ryan, E-Fone


Taking on an agency can be daunting, here are some usual questions we get beforehand

How much does it cost?

It really depends on how difficult it is to get a lead. However if you’re an Irish company then more than likely we will be able to get a positive ROI using a grant funding through either the local enterprise board or else enterprise ireland 

How long does it take before seeing a return?

Some clients see results within a matter of days others, depending on the strategy could be 5+ months. Each situation is unique and by calling us we can give you a more accurate answer

I can do this myself

If you can get a Digital Marketing campaign to generate you leads then all the best to you. Ideally we like to see people who have tried to set up a campaign already (even a little bit) and understand the amount of work and dedication needed to make it a success.

I need to update my site before talking to you

Definitely talk to us first, the last thing you want is to be accidentally sold the wrong type of website or be missing call to actions that will cost the developer extra to retrofit