Generate Leads

Using Google Ads 

Register your interest in our Google Ads Course and learn how to become an expert in paid advertising. Module one is entirely free and will teach you the essentials to get your google ads account making you money. 

Google Ads Overview 

Learn how to become a Google Ads pro by following our Google Ads Course broken down into 6 modules 

The first module is free which will teach you the fundamentals of Google Ads, Modules 2- 6 give you additional knowledge to turn you into an expert.

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Google Ads Set Up

Learn how to set up a search campaign and structure your account for growth

Effective Monitoring

Learn what metrics you should be monitoring & what actions will drive you more business

Additional Platforms

Start to advertise on the Display Network and Youtube to drive awareness and remarketing campaigns

Fine Tuning

Go into more advanced campaign settings & features to get more return

Advanced Features

Learn short cuts to save you time, how to do remarketing and set up dynamic adverts

Google Shopping

Get guided tutorials on setting up a merchant center and how to connect it to your Google Ads account