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We’ll run an automated SEO Audit through our software that we use to manage all of our clients. We’ll then go one step further than all the other mediocre Free SEO Audits and we’ll have a strategy call with you to take you through your sites downfalls.

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Learn why your site isn’t attracting as many people as you think it should be and talk to an SEO Expert who’s helped hundreds of site rank higher in Google

We’ll look at onsite issues, offsite issues and technical issues and give you a honest opinion of what needs to be done in order to rank higher in a strategy call.



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Technical Issues

We’ll make sure google can access your site the same way you do and that you’ve no broken pages or excess redirect

Meta Analysis

We’ll make sure your titles and descriptions are optimised  and there is no duplicated pages on your site 

Page Speed

Start to advertise on the Display Network and Youtube to drive awareness and remarketing campaigns

Health Check

We’ll make sure Google has access to all of the extras it likes such as sitemaps, robot files and that there is no flash.

Off Page SEO

We’ll review links pointing back to your site and tell you if you need to either create more or remove some.

On Page SEO

We’ll review your images, on page content, website structure and internal linking to ensure its optimised to get the most viitors to your site.