Content Strategies, you hear about so many success stories and so many failures it’s hard to work out whether it will work for you or not. One thing I think that’s missing from a lot of content strategies is what the goal of the campaign is. What gets me about content marketing and strategies is that branding agencies offer them, social media strategists offer them and search engine optimisation specialists offer them.

This leads to confusion as sometimes what someone is sold is not what they wanted and its important to distinguish between the different types of content marketing strategies you will get from each of these agencies.

Branding Agency Content Marketing Strategies

A branding agency will help you with your tone of voice, how to address your audience and paint the picture of the business you want to be. This is all well and good if you have an audience to show that content too but if you don’t nobody will hear you.

More than likely you will need some form of advertising just to reach those few extra people than you normally do. More than likely a paid campaign would be suggested and once you turn the campaign off that’s it. The content is buried in your blog as nobody is actively searching for it

Social Media Agency Content Marketing Strategies

Social Media Agencies I have to hand it too them do great content strategies. They take into account different holidays during the year, industry specific dates and help you identify content that resonates with your audience. IF you have a good social media following it will help you engage with them and expand your audience, the only downside is that once its published you can;t use that content for another few months

Search Engine Optimisation Agency Content Marketing Strategies

Finally, the SEO content strategy is designed to help potential clients solve problems, specific problems they are having and typing into Google to find solutions. We’d start by identifying these problems, then doing keywords research, comparing the competitiveness score to rank that content and finally depending on your sites authority and the authority of competitors you are trying to out rank you may have to do some promotion.

The downside to an SEO content plan is that it requires a lot of input and work from both the agency and client. The positive is that once you rank for a keyword there is a strong chance you’ll continue to gain traffic through that blog post that will help you convert readers in leads.