Marketing Executive – Digital Trawler

Become a part of an exciting digital marketing start-up company based in Castletroy, Limerick. If you have a passion for this industry, this role presents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills. On-the-job training will be provided in areas including Analytics, Search Console and Google Adwords.

This is a full-time position:

Job Title:

Digital Marketing Executive


To Assist the MD in ensuring that clients receive the agreed Service Level Agreement’s (SLAs) and desired results while also working towards improved business systems & processes over time.


  1. Work closely with the MD to ensure SLA’s are met and clients are receiving desired results i.e. increased leads, sales, or revenue.
  2. Assist with monthly and weekly planning to help clients reach their goals.
  3. Communicate with clients to keep them up to date with actions taken regarding their accounts.
  4. Carry out necessary actions to ensure clients are improving results & reaching targets. Actions include SEO, Adwords, Reviewing Analytics etc.
  5. Assist with business development projects improving current business systems and processes.


  1. Clients should receive intended SLA agreement.
  2. Clients should receive intended/target results.
  3. Clients should receive transparent outlines of work carried out.
  4. Business systems and processes should improve to enhance competitiveness of Digital Trawler.


  1. Independence: He / she must be able to work independently and use their own skills to be proactive. The candidate will be able to use their initiative to identify problems and appropriate solutions.
  2. Action-oriented: Full of energy for overcoming challenging tasks; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning; seizes opportunities when identified.
  3. Customer-focused: Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  4. Good Communication Skills: Understands the importance of communication within a team and can do so effectively both online and offline.
  5. Candidates must have the ability to meet with clients to discuss their needs with them.
  6. Quick Learner: When facing new problems as well as having a strong will to learn new skills and stay up to date with industry changes.
  7. Time management: Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; exhibits a strong value on time of others. Can prioritise tasks & can attend to a broad range of activities without missing deadlines or key milestones.
  8. Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  9. Analytical Thinking: The candidate should be good at problem solving and have an analytical mind set to help them identify problems and solutions

Language Skills:

  1. Strong writing skills for website content and document files.
  2. Effectively presents information and responds to questions from management, clients or partners.

Education & Experience

  1. 2 years’ experience in a digital marketing role
  2. Have experience dealing and communicating with clients
  3. Degree or certifications in digital marketing
  4. Have responsibility for meeting clients / company service level agreements / targets / results
  5. Experience / demonstrated problem solving ability
  6. Experience / Demonstrated ability to work independently

Required Skills

An understanding of the Concepts of SEO

  1. Assist with the execution of SEO Audits
  2. Assist with finding relevant backlinks opportunities for clients
  3. Complete titles and descriptions for entire websites
  4. Assist with monitoring keyword rank positions and can make suggested changes to improve rank positions
  5. Choose realistic keywords that clients can rank for and still have a return on investment

An Understanding of the Concepts of Adwords & Paid Advertising

  1. Find relevant keywords
  2. Can identify and separate keywords into different Adgroups
  3. Create copy for those specific Adgroups
  4. Have a good knowledge of the implication of different settings at campaign level and how they affect results
  5. Have good written English and the ability to create engaging and competitive adverts
  6. Understand the different elements of adverts and how to change them i.e. extensions
  7. Monitor campaigns performance, bids, conversions and search terms to deliver results
  8. Have an understand of display advertising

An Understanding of Google Analytics

  1. Have Basic knowledge of Google Analytics

Strong Computer Skills in Power Point, Excel & Microsoft Word

  1. Intermediate skills in excel in the use of shortcuts, formulas and some advanced features
  2. Strong presentation and design skills when using power point
  3. Strong ability to use Microsoft Word i.e. track changes, professional formatting

Have Experience With CMS

Candidates should be willing to learn or have experience with content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, SquareSpace

To apply:
Please forward Ronan a copy of your C.V. to by 12 pm Friday 11th August 2017





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